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The Total Fitness Package Includes:

  • Two (2) Red Bands – These Bands each offer a resistance of range of 15 to 35 pound and are perfect for all the core training and flexibility training in BandSTRONG as well as a great pair of bands to get rolling with Attached Upper Torso strength training.
  • Two (2) Black Bands – These Bands each offer a resistance of range of 30 to 60 pounds. For many of you they will be your “Go to Band” when it comes to upper body strength training, increasing your stretching, reactive lower body training and getting band locomotion training started. I know because these are often MY “Go to Bands”.
  • Two (2) Purple Bands – These are the strongest bands in the Total Fitness package, offering a resistance range of 50 to 80 pounds. You will enjoy using these bands for lower torso strength training, advance locomotion drills and on those days when you want to go heavy with some aggressive towing or heavy squatting.
  • One (1) Band Utility Strap – The Band Utility Strap is your universal attachment tool that will allow you to attach bands to doors, fence posts, trees…you name it. This one tool will allow you to triple the number of band exercises you have at your disposal while allowing YOU to perform attached band train ANYWHERE you want without the worry of damaging your bands.
  • A Pair of Training Handles – Training handles will make it easier to grip the bands, exert more upper body force and get better muscle recruitment which means better results. There are few band training tools available that both make training more comfortable and increase results…these Training Handles are those tools.
  • A 4 Week Starter Band Training Program – This added training program applies some of the same fundamentals that the BandSTRONG Program offers and gives you a perfect workout to switch to when you want to de-load or simply change up your program.
  • A FREE RBT Sport Bag – The Total Fitness Package is the Ultimate Anytime, Anywhere Gym and the RBT Sport Bag makes it easy to pack your gym up and train anywhere you want. Not only does it provide plenty of space for your entire band training package, it also offers a front zipper pocket that allows you to securely store your phone and other valuable items while training at the park or playground.

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