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Need to Set Up Your Home Gym?

Sometimes, you need a little extra help setting up your home gym to take your BandSTRONG training to the next level!

If you need a little help and want to pick up my RBT B.A.R., you can get it now and save $50!

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The B.A.R. (Band Angular Restraint) is the perfect accessory to maximize your band training by providing you the versatility to do any attached band training exercise.

With The B.A.R., you don’t have to worry about using your Band Utility Strap, which comes with your Quantum Band BandSTRONG package, in a door if you are planning to work out at home.

On the surface, the beauty of The B.A.R. is its simplicity and low profile—one simple device that will triple YOUR band exercise library by allowing YOU to perform unique movements that can only be replicated using attached training.

But the details that have gone into The B.A.R. are what make it truly a one-of-a-kind accessory that everyone training with bands needs:

  • The B.A.R. has been created with the exact surface diameter to decrease band wear and tear, which will maximize the lifespan of your bands.
  • Designed for immediate use, the recommended "Vertical Attached Position" is quick and easy, taking less than 5 minutes to mount.
  • The B.A.R.’s 48-inch length allows for multiple band attachment heights to maximize training versatility while its low-profile design, with just one inch of wall clearance, means you won’t be bumping into it and its footprint is minimal no matter where you decide to attach it.
  • Plus The B.A.R.’s professionally applied White Glossy Powder Coated finish will ensure it cosmetically fits your home or training facility decor.

See The B.A.R. by RBT in action in this short video:

Simply put, I designed The B.A.R. as an accessory to assist with producing tremendous band training results for you as well as the athletes and clients you coach. If you want to optimize resistance band training versatility and guarantee greater success, The B.A.R. is the solution to making that happen.

By the way, I am not mechanically inclined, so I made sure installation was super easy so you could start training immediately.

How to Build Your Own Home Band Gym

Building your own home band gym is one of the hottest topics among customers, and this resource is your answer! I’ll walk you step by step how to optimize your home gym setup to make the most out of your workouts.


In this resource, I’ll cover:

  • 10 benefits of your home band gym
  • How to set up your attachment options
  • Choosing the right bands for you
  • Adding to your band gym (going beyond bands)
  • 10 steps to create your gym
  • BONUS: 33 done-for-you resistance band workouts!

Just $69 + Shipping

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