Discover The Secret Training System That Is Guaranteed To Add Explosive Muscular Strength, Melt Away Unwanted Fat And Drastically Increase Your Flexibility while bringing out YOUR Athleticism… …And Can Be Done Anywhere, Anytime and at any Intensity With Nothing More Than A Couple Resistance Bands!

The World’s Leading Resistance Band Training Expert FINALLY Reveals His Closely Guarded Training Secrets That Have Not Only Allowed Him To Be In World Class Shape At Age 51, But Also Have Helped Thousands of People From Regular Joe’s To NFL Stars Get In The Best Shape Of Their Lives!

Dear Fellow Fitness Enthusiasts,

Over the past decade, I’ve become known as “The Band Man” because of my passion for training with elastic resistance. Believe it or not, that passion wasn’t always there. See, prior to age 32, I was your typical barbell-dumbbell body-building want-a-be who lifted heavy and often. I was slow and very inflexible, and I woke up each morning with joint pain. But I thought, “At least I’m strong.” Even though I may have had a body that looked somewhat athletic, I was far from being athletic, and that became crystal clear the day I tried, at age 32, to go out and do a sprint workout. Unfortunately, that workout abruptly ended when my low back decided sprinting was not a good idea.

Learning from my patients and athletes

I was 32 and had been a practicing Physical Therapist as well as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist going on 12 years. My PT practice was strictly orthopedic patients who suffered from traumatic and non-traumatic injuries to the low back, neck, knee, hip, shoulder and ankle joints. I had also recently started a small performance training business that focused on developing quickness and speed. Regardless if you were a patient or an athlete, my goal was always to improve your athleticism in some way. For my patients that sometimes meant simply becoming a better walker or learning how to squat properly. For my athletes it often meant training to jumping higher or running faster. Regardless who I was working with, the formula was the same – establishing full range of motion in all joints, training quality movement skills and the building a strong stabilizing muscle foundation to support that system. However the day I injured my back sprinting, I realized I needed to start listening to what I was teaching my patients and athletes.

A Life Changing Day….

I loved working out and was constantly researching different training methods that I thought could improve the results I was delivering to my patients and athletes.

It was February 1996, and I was attending one of many performance training workshop at the University of Notre Dame. I attended these types of workshop regularly, always trying to learn something that would get me to the next level of performance both personally and professionally. This particular workshop was pretty slow until I accidentally walked into a presentation that was demonstrating how to workout using a flat continuously looped resistance band. As I sat there watching, 100’s of light bulbs started going off in my head on how these simple bands could be used to enhance all aspects of fitness and performance. Matter of fact I was so intrigued that for the next 3 hours I sat through the same presentation 3 times. To say I was going through a huge life changing event was a total understatement.

Prior to that day I knew a little bit about bands, but had only viewed them as a tool for physical therapy and didn’t really think of them as anything more than the surgical tubing and thera-band we used in the physical therapy clinic.

I’ve Never Been More Wrong and More Passionate…

After 5 minutes of watching this older gentleman demonstrate what he did with flat bands, I could not stop thinking of how a flat band could benefit, not only my rehab patients, but also how they could be a complete training tool for fitness and performance. No question they were highly versatile, cost effective, extremely portable and a very convenient training tool, but the real magic was how they could literally teach the body what to do and quickly enhance everything my patients and athletes struggled with.

However, potential is good, but reality is another story. So I bought 2 pairs of bands that day and began training myself. The changes seem to come overnight. My flexibility, balance, and coordination instantly got better. Strength and power changes soon followed. During this time I had also began to implement bands with my patients. Within weeks I was getting my patients doing things functionally that prior to using bands had taken me months to achieve. Not stopping there, I started introducing band training with my athletes. Literally after 1 workout, my athletes started feeling and seeing dramatic changes in speed, quickness and acceleration. Plus they really were enjoying the workouts.

So all of this made me start thinking… What if I modified these same band exercises to start challenging fitness based clients.

So after about 5 months of discovering bands, I started up a Fitness Camp (aka the fitness band bootcamp) at a local gym and began training fitness clients using nothing but flat continuously looped resistance bands. The workouts were designed to improve everything my patients and many of my younger athletes lacked. Things like balance, flexibility, agility, power and coordination of movement. The thought was if I could get the general fitness client looking, feeling and moving more like an athlete, it would work for any population, especially those individuals like me that wanted to continue maintain their athleticism.

So now between my rehab patients, my athletes, my personal workouts and my fitness camp members, I was literally testing hundreds of exercises, every week. I would discard those that didn’t deliver better results than what I was already getting with ‘traditional’ tools and implementing the ones that were having great success and getting people better. Without realizing it over 95% of my training had became exclusively resistance bands.

Ever See a FAT Sprinter??

At first many of my fitness and rehab clients were skeptical about this athletic based training and rehab approach using a rubber band. Frankly, most of them never viewed themselves as an athlete and using nothing but a band seemed way too simple. However, I knew deep inside, regardless what I was using, many of them were intrigued with the possibility of feeling more athletic, moving more athletic and most importantly, looking more athletic.

For the initial non-believers, I would ask them if they had ever seen a FAT SPRINTER?? Obviously they would look at me somewhat strange but the point was, sprinters were lean, muscular individuals that had good flexibility, agility, power, stamina, speed and balance so why not work to get some of those same changes in their body.


Not only were my patients coming off their injuries faster, my athletes and fitness clients were seeing improvements in agility, flexibility, balance, and strength which was transcending into some amazing changes in the mirror and with daily activities. The speed of the results were unmatched by anything they had previously attempted to achieve in a gym full of expensive equipment and yet we were accomplishing this in a big open room with a couple of flat continuously looped resistance bands.

How was that possible?

With a pretty good working knowledge and understanding of how the body really functioned, I began to put some theory behind why band training worked. My conclusion was that resistance bands maximized a combination of training variables that I began to refer to as the RBT 8:

  • Contrast Training
  • Ascending Resistance
  • Independence of Gravity
  • Vector Specific Training
  • Accelerated Eccentric Training (Deceleration Enhancement)
  • Accelerated Concentric Training (Power Enhancement)
  • Assisted BodyWeight Training
  • Reactive Core Stabilization Training

By impacting these variables with band training, the body was forced to work more intensely, engage more muscles, adapt more quickly and become reactive not just strong. Even though I like many of my fitness clients were getting older, by training with band, we were returning back to performing higher level activities we had given up on. As an ex-athlete who loved playing the game and working out, this was really exciting, especially when all my friends that were still training with traditional deadweight methods were getting tighter, frequently injured and looking less athletic every month.

The fact is, most dead weight resistance training approaches were lucky to address at best 2 of these variable…let alone all 8. As a result, not only was I and my clients looking and feeling great, we were also still doing recreational things that adults 15 years younger than us had given up on.

A Potential Fountain of YOUTH…

100_0125As fate would have it, at the time I was experimenting with resistance bands, I was also coincidentally learning a lot more about how the body really functioned. The more I learned about things like momentum, functional drivers, loading and dynamic mobility, the more the theory of band training became clearer. It became very obvious why after only a few months of intense band training, and less of the traditional dead weight strength training, my 40 year old body was looking better, feeling younger and performing at a level I had not experienced since I was in my late 20’s.


It was like I had literally discovered a training approach that could turn back father time

So was anyone else using resistance bands this way??

Obviously the more the success stories kept coming in the more I kept wondering who else was using bands like this. What I found out was that bands were not being used to train like I was using them, and that in reality, flat continuous resistance bands were looked upon by many fitness enthusiasts, coaches and trainers as a tool that should be your very last strength training alternative. I knew this was a bunch of crap and something had to be done about it.

My New Mission and Passion

I still remember clearly that September afternoon in 2002, when I presented publicly for the first time on training with Resistance Band. Within 5 minutes, I had 300 plus fitness professionals training flexibility, speed, strength, and power, using only 1 band. 60 minutes later, upon finishing that presentation, I spent the rest of that afternoon and late into the evening talking to well over 50% of those participants who were still trying to figure out why they felt so energized after training with a simple continuously looped piece of rubber.

RBT was on the map and I had an exciting new mission in life.

Band Training Used By The Best of The Best…

It has taken 100’s of presentations to large and small groups but RBT is slowly becoming a key component in the fitness arena compared to being that last alternative that it was in 2002. Matter of fact, today resistance bands have been adopted by the leading authorities in sports and fitness as a key piece of equipment necessary in all training programs. Thanks to a lot of hard work and some good fortune, my resistance band training approach, has been featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, on, and is being used by hundreds of the top fitness professionals throughout the world as well as countless collegiate and professionals teams.

The Band Man has taken what some consider to be a “simple” training tool and transformed it into a complete training system and total fitness solution. It’s one of the few pieces of fitness equipment that I always have on me, whether it be at home, in the gym, or in a hotel room. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, burn fat, boost metabolism, or improve mobility, resistance band training needs to be a part of your fitness arsenal.

BJ Gaddour

BJ Gaddour, CSCS
CEO of

In the 5 years since I first met Dave and was introduced to Resistance Band Training, I can honestly say that bands have added a whole new dimension to how we train our clients and athletes. Bands are not only one of the most enjoyable training tools available to us today, but they work! Nothing compares to the versatility, portability and unbelievable number of exercises that resistance bands offer. From our most basic clients who need to focus on corrective exercises all the way to our elite-level athletes who are looking for that competitive edge, we know we can rely on Dave and his resistance bands to help us design the perfect program. Plus the support and programming ideas that Dave continually offers is unbelievable. He’s passionate about wanting to help people become better by implementing bands, and I know he’s only a phone call of e-mail away with any questions I have. We truly have Become Better with bands!

Ken Grall

Ken Grall, CSCS, YFS
Edge Fitness/Athletic Revolution
3140 Edmonton Dr. #1000
Sun Prairie, WI 53590

Resistance bands have added a totally different component to my workouts. By challenging my body in all directions, they make me more athletic, powerful, and resilient athlete. Having been a consistently injured athlete in high school and college, it is awesome to know I am bulletproofed and ready to attack any sport. I have Dave and his Resistance Band Training System to thank for it!

Work hard. Train hard. Get F.I.T.

Jared Markiewicz

Jared Markiewicz
Functional Integrated Training



In fact, because of the growth of resistance band training and the impact I’ve been fortunate enough to have, I was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential People In Fitness along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dr. Oz and First Lady Michelle Obama. The secret I had discovered way back at the University of Notre Dame, was finally reaching the masses.


One thing was still Missing

Trainer and Coaches were on board with RBT which was great. However unless you were under the supervision of one of the several thousand trainers or coaches that I had taught my methods to, as a fitness consumer or enthusiasts, you did not have the opportunity or the means to learn how to reap the fat burning, muscle building and performance enhancing benefits that band training had to offer which meant my mission was still not completed UNTIL NOW!!

Introducing The Most Complete Anytime, Anywhere Band Training System for Fitness Enthusiasts In The World…
As a fitness enthusiasts you can NOW start learning and
training to get the band difference.

I’ve packaged up my most effective training programs, from over a decade plus of perfecting band training, into a comprehensive system that will…

  • Create Maximum Fat Loss
  • Skyrocket Strength Gains
  • Deliver Spectacular Improvements in Flexibility and Mobility
  • Eliminate having to experience joint pain after every workout
  • Dramatically Enhance YOUR Athleticism


In fact, BandSTRONG is THE premier body transformation system that allows you to maximize your metabolism and your real world strength without the joint pain that comes with traditional dead weight training approaches presently on the market. Plus YOU never have to step foot in a gym if you choose not to.

The BandSTRONG System is so effective because it combines the RBT 8 Training Variables into a Fast-Paced Workout Plan that will keep you challenged on every workout. Within 2 Weeks or 6 – 35 minute workouts, you will start seeing significant increases in strength, flexibility, and stamina which in turn will blast away fat and start sculpting a body that will allow you to move, look and feel great.

Don’t be satisfied at just getting in shape and getting a little
stronger, I want you to develop a “New Body” that allows
you to enjoy life to the fullest.

So what do you get with the BandSTRONG Workout System?

The BandSTRONG System comes with a total of 48 Workouts

Every Video instructed BandSTRONG Workout will get you one step closer to YOUR training goals. To accomplish this I put you through the same 12 week program that I continue to use in my Band Only Fitness camp, that is filled with 40 plus fitness enthusiasts just like you.

Weeks 1 through 3 – Base Training
Weeks 4 through 8 – Strength and Metabolic Development
Weeks 8 through 12 – Getting Athletic

By having access to over 50 plus Band specific moves and 5 completely different workout interval training programs, you will have one of the best systems for building “real world” strength, burning off unwanted fat and, if you choose to, recapture your athleticism, regardless your age or fitness level!

BandSTRONG – Video Library

Never again feel unsure or get stuck not knowing how to perform a band exercise – master proper form and technique with the “Learn by Doing” videos where I demonstrate each move so you know exactly how to properly and safely train with bands. These will also include modifications and suggestions for adding in progressive challenges so lack of variety never becomes an issue.

BandSTRONG Training Manual

This downloadable manual will provide you information on the theory behind band training and the benefits you can expect to receive as you begin your BandSTRONG training program. You will than be taken through how to choose the best band equipment and accessories as well as developing effective training set-ups anywhere. From there I take you through how to determine where you should start your workouts for guaranteed success . I will also provide you interval templates so when you are done with your 12 week program you can design your own programs if you choose to. Plus to make things even better, I provide you an FAQ as an additional resource back up just in case.

BandSTRONG 12 Week Interval Training Program

It is time to start training which means teaching you about each interval used in BandSTRONG. Once through that information it is time to hit a follow along warm-up that includes stretching, foam rolling and muscle activation training. Everything needed to get your body ready to train.

BandSTRONG Quick Start Manual

After reading the BandStrong Training Manual, the next step is to go through my 7 Step Quick Start Manual. The Quick Start manual will simplify the training process and eliminate any questions or doubts you may have week 1.

As you can see You will Get Well Over 12 Weeks of Fat Blasting, Muscle Building, Athlete Developing BandSTRONG workouts and all the Coaching needed to enhance your results!

Now an hour long, coaching session with Myself or one of my Resistance Band Certified Coaches would require an investment of no less than $95. For me to coach you through a 12 week program would require an investment of no less than $3600, not to mention a major scheduling hassle.

But with this incredible Done-for-YOU Training package you are getting my Complete BandSTRONG 12 Week Training System for a mere $49.95 – but only if you act right now!


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Master The Most Powerful And Versatile Training Tool In Just Minutes!

You no longer have to be stuck doing workouts without making any real progress or being bored doing the same old traditional dead weight training workouts.

BandSTRONG Workouts will keep you progressing towards getting leaner, stronger and more athletic, without all that joint pain that can often come with traditional dead-weight or body weight only training programs. I will walk you through each and every session with step-by-step guidance that will keep workouts challenging and progressive but not difficult to follow.

And because your bands are your anytime, anywhere gym – you’ll never have to worry about getting off track or missing a workout again!

Convenience + Portability + Unlimited Challenge
+ Unmatched Variety + Fun

For YOU that Adds Up To Guaranteed Fast Results!

All 3 Phases of the BandSTRONG System were real world tested for ultra-effective gym-FREE workouts that’ll allow you to look, feel and move like an athlete…in just a few short weeks.

And today your getting the entire package at a price that may surprise you…

On this page only, you can get the entire training system-valued at $449.82 – for a one-time secure payment of only $49.95 dollars.

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“But What If It Doesnʼt Work For Me?”

Satisfaction Guarantee Seal

Not a problem. I believe in BandSTRONG so much and I’m so confident youʼll love it and that it will work for YOU – that I’m happy to offer you an iron-clad 100% MONEY BACK guarantee.

Try the program out for 60 full days. I know youʼll love it. If you don’t LOVE the program as much as all my personal clients, just let me know before the end of the 60 day period and I’ll give you ALL your money back. And remember, right now youʼre getting THE ENTIRE $49.95 PROGRAM FOR ONLY $49.95.

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So Are You Ready To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life With My Anytime, Anywhere BandSTRONG Training System?

Because I’m ready to give you the EXACT blueprint. No guesswork. No trial and error. Use the exact system that I’ve used to get and stay in great shape at age 51 and that I’ve used to help thousands of people from regular Joe’s to professional athletes look, feel and perform their best.

Get started risk-free with results that are 100% guaranteed (or your money back…)

When you put it that way, itʼs a pretty easy decision…

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Hereʼs to your success, starting today.


Let’s Get BETTER with BANDS

Your Friend & Coach,

Dave HeadshotDave Schmitz signature

Dave ‘The Band Man‘ Schmitz


PS – Remember youʼve got 60 days, risk-free, to try out the program. I know youʼre going to love it, but if – for whatever reason – you decide itʼs not for you, just let us know and I’ll give you your money back. This is my 100% guarantee!!!

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