Secrets to Feeling Like an Athlete

Learn the fundamentals behind how to move, look, and feel better.

ObstaclesPart 1: Overcoming Obstacles

Learn how to overcome the 7 biggest obstacles people face in staying on an exercise program and reaching their goals


Flexibility and MobilityPart 2: Increasing Mobility & Flexibility

Most people don’t know that flexibility and mobility is critical to moving (and performing) like an athlete. Learn where most inflexibility starts and ends.


Part 3: Re-defining Strength

Being athletically strong is different than weight-room strong. Learn how to develop the strength that allows you do the things that you want to do, and enjoy life.


MetabolicPart 4: Getting Game-Day Ready

Game day is the time when you can see who has been working the hardest. Learn 4 ways to incorporate metabolic training into your workouts, and measure your improvement over time so you are "game-day" ready.

Program design
Part 5: Athletic Workouts

Learn the integral parts of a workout to ensure you are training athletically, every time.

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